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  1. All range occupants must wear eye and ear protection.
  2. All firearms must remain cased or holstered until in firing stall.
  3. All firearms must be aimed down range at all times.
  4. No steel cased or penetrating ammo is allowed.
  5. In case of a malfunction, firearms must remain in firing stall, pointed down range while clearing. If you need assistance clearing a malfunction, set firearm on shooting tray, and get a range safety officer (RSO).
  6. Commands issued by RSO’s must be followed immediately. Anyone can call “cease fire”. If“cease fire” is called, stop shooting, take finger off trigger, wait for instructions from RSO.
  7.  All shooters under 18 years old must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian.
  8. Two people maximum allowed in shooting stall other guests must remain behind shooting line.
  9. Nobody is permitted forward of the shooting line.
  10. On Target reserves the right to deny use of some targets.
  11. Place your target so that you are shooting toward the trap on your lane. Do not shoot across lanes. Do not shoot the ceiling baffles.
  12. Firing a shot that results in damage to range equipment may subject you to repair charges and removal from the range.
  13. Food, beverages, and tobacco are not allowed in the range.
  14. Drawing and firing from holsters is prohibited.
  15. Be courteous, clean your brass up after shooting.
  16. All rifle calibers need to be approved prior to entering range.
  17. An open stall with equipment in it, isoccupied. Do not enter an occupied stall. Please stay in your assigned lane.
  18. Shooters are responsible for any range equipment damaged while occupying the lane on which equipment is damaged.

indoor Shooting Range

For your safety and the safety of others, all rules are strictly enforced by
​On Target's staff members and on duty Range Safety Officers.


Shooting Range Rules