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General Care and Maintenance (Pistol)

All firearms, ammunition, targets, and resources are included in class fees. 
You may bring your own firearm to qualify with or one will be provided for you. 
All classes are approximately 8 hours long.

Upon completion of the Missouri CCW certification class, each class member will receive proper certification and instruction as to where to take it to obtain their CCW Permit

$80.00 per person

2 - 3 hours

Beginner and Up

Class is designed for LADIES ONLY
and consists of hands on defensive techniques and firearms training. 

This is one of our most popular classes and has proven to be very effective with our past students in learning how to defend themselves effectively from many different scenarios.

This is a Hands On and Live Fire Class

Basic Pistol 

$25 per hour + Range Fees

Beginner and Up

Rent one of our Certified Instructors and Firearms experts to guide you personally in any area you may want to improve from the basics all the way to competitive shooting. 

Tactical 1 and 2 (Pistol) 

$80.00 per person

4 - 5 hours

Beginner and Up

Class is designed to train the proper use of a shotgun inside the home as a form of protection for your family and loved ones. Class is led by Law Enforcement shooting instructor

This is Live Fire Class

$80.00 per person

2 1/2 - 3 Hours

Beginner and Up

Class designed for novice shooters new to the industry and focusses on safely handling your handgun and effective shooting procedures.

This is a Live Fire Class

$80.00 per person each class

4 - 5 hours each class

Advanced Shooters

Class is a 2 part class designed for more experienced shooters and taught by Law Enforcement training instructor. 
This class teaches engaging multiple targets while drawing firearm from a holster

This is a Live Fire Class

Personal Instruction

On Target's Training classes are designed to fit the needs of every shooter. Whether you are just wanting to gain general knowledge and basic firearms training, or looking to drive your skill up to a competitive level, we have training available for you. All of our classes are taught by some of the best
​Certified Instructors and Firearms Experts in the industry.

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Women's Self Defense 

Training Classes

Home Defense (Shotgun)

$40.00 per person

1 1/2 - 2 hours

Beginner and Up

Class designed to train on how to properly care for your firearm by cleaning, general maintenance,
​and storage.

No Live Fire Aloud

Missouri CCW Certification Class is $100.00 per person. 

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